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Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin

Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin

21 Kosmonavtov Boulevard
224016, Brest, Belarus
Tel.: +375162233340
Fax: +375162230996
E-mail: box@brsu.brest.by
Web: www.brsu.brest.by

Academic Departments

  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Geography
  •  Faculty of History
  •  Faculty of Foreign Languages
  •  Faculty of Mathematics
  •  Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogical Science
  •  Faculty  of  Sociology  and  Pedagogical  Science
  •  Faculty of Philology
  •  Faculty of Physics
  •  Faculty of Physical Training
  •  Faculty of Pre-University Training
  •  Faculty of Law
  • The Institute for the Advanced Training and Retraining of Leading Employees and Specialists
  • Pinsk College of the Institution of Education “Brest State University named after A.S.Pushkin”.


BrSU passed 3 stages in its development:

  1. June 6, 1945. Council of the People’s Commis- sars of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic passed the Decree № 801 to open the Pedagogical Institute in Brest.
  2. In 1950 Brest Pedagogical Institute was transformed into State Pedagogical Institute.
  3. In 1995 Brest State Pedagogical Institute was transformed  into  the  State  University  named  after A.S.Pushkin.

In the year of 2010 Brest State University celebrates the 65th anniversary of its foundation as the first institution of higher education in the city of Brest.


9899 students (5258 — full-time studies, 4641 —part-time studies).

At present there are 104 foreign students studying at different faculties and other university units (7 of them — from Russian Federation).

Tuition fees (per year)

1st - 4th year of study — education in any special- ity for foreign students — $1 460 (for those studying under the international agreement).

1st - 4th year of study — education in any speciality — $1 660 (without international agreement).

5th year of study — education in any speciality for foreign students — $1 460 (in accordance with international agreement).

5th year of study — education in any speciality for foreign students — $1 460 (without international agreement).

The Faculty of Pre-School Education (preparatory courses of Russian) — $1 650.

Master’s Program — $1 600.

 PhD Program — $1000.


Campus Information

Block-rooms  type  dormitory  (in  service  since 2003). Block consists of five rooms: four rooms with 2

beds each and one room with 3 beds.

There are modern conveniences in a block: electric cookers, water closet, shower-bath.

Places availability for foreign students in 2011/2012 academic year: up to 100 places.

Student Life

Students’ Club includes 20 groups of amateur art activities and club associations (with more than 400 stu- dents and teachers), folk drama workshop has worked since 1995, popular chamber choir (participant of more than 150 concerts in different countries over more than 20 years of existence, was a repeated prize-winner at international festivals), male vocal group, pop singing studio, 3 dance collectives (a pop dance ensemble, a folk dance ensemble, a fitness group), 3 music unions (a folk music ensemble, “Delight” accordion players’ ensemble, a musical studio), University Club of the merry and the quick-witted.

BrSU has its own landscape-recreation complex, rowing centre and training and sports facility “Orho- vo” (located at the village of Tomashovka).

Sports Facilities

There is a Park of culture and rest in Brest (founded in 1906) with attractions, ponds, open-air tennis-courts; modern stadiums, Ice Palace with fitness-halls (where one can skate all the year round), new sport complex “Victoria”, where international competitions in handball, volleyball, mini-football take place, rowing canal, Palace for water sports, karting range, baseball fields, horses’ sports ranch, in-doors shooting range, etc.

University sport club unites more than 560 stu- dents into teams of BrSU in different sports (32 teams). During the last years there were introduced sections in arm-wrestling, weight sport, free-style wrestling and Greco-Roman style wrestling, chess, table tennis, power lifting, aqua aerobics. There are sections of sports games at each faculty. Training in all-University sports sections of swimming, health-improving gymnastics, sports  and  health-improving  aerobics  in  the  tourist club “Berestje” are organized. All-year-round students’ sports competitions in 11 kinds of sports are held in BrSU, with more than 1600 participating students, and contests among the all-dormitory students’ sports teams in 7 kinds of sports are held. The tourists’ meeting, one national and several international competitions are or- ganized annually by the University.

Students make use of all sorts of sports facilities, sports equipment, and a swimming pool at the University free of chargedoors shooting range, etc.

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