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Minsk State Linguistic University

Minsk State Linguistic University

21 Zaharova Street
Minsk, 220034
Tel.: +375172881544
Fax: +375172947504
E-mail: info@mslu.by
Web: www.mslu.by 

Academic structure:
  • English Language Faculty
  • German Language Faculty
  • French Language Faculty
  • Spanish Language Faculty
  • Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
  • Faculty of Intercultural Communication
  • Special Faculty of Foreign Languages for Administrative Retraining
  • Faculty of Russian as a Foreign Language
  • Faculty of Retraining and Improving Qualification
  • Institution for Advanced Studies and Retraining
  • Linguistic and Humanities College
  • Evening Courses of Foreign Language
  • Correspondence Courses of Foreign Language in training for centralized testing.


For many years the Minsk State Linguistic University has been a unique base of the Republic of Belarus for training highly skilled pedagogical and translator/ interpreter staff.
The  MSLU  has  already  prepared  over  30.000 teachers and 3000 interpreter consultants.
Many of its students are employed in various state administration  bodies:  Ministry  of  Internal Affairs, Committee for State Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, in the area of economy and finances. The University, being the educational and scientific complex, is the head center of the Republic of Belarus in foreign language training. Highly profes- sional experts, many of whom make pride of the Belarusian science, are employed at 40 University departments. In order to further development of Belarusian language school, continuous exchange of scientific and educational ideas, updates of the courses and specialized courses the MSLU actively engages for cooperation leading scientists of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The University successfully implements joint projects  with  Russia,  Canada,  Belgium,  Germany, Spain and other countries. The University hosts important scientific conferences, workshops assisted by the Council of Europe. Leading experts regularly represent the Republic of Belarus at the international scientific symposiums and congresses. The MSLU is responsible for the creation of foreign languages teaching concept in the Republic of Belarus. It is the basic developer of the target Republican program “Foreign languages”.

Total number of students – 10 426, including:
6 454 – students of full-time education;
1 969 – students of corresponding education;
568– foreign students;
1 435 – students of Linguistic and Humanities College.

Campus Information

International students study on a contract basis. The education is fee-paying. The contract guarantees provision of educational services, accommodation in student dormitory’s rooms. Generally 3 students share a room. Halls of residence of the MSLU are located in the historical center of Minsk — the capital of the Republic of Belarus.

Sports facilities

The university has well equipped facilities such as a big playground, table tennis hall, a track and field athletics arena, hand-to-hand and self-defense fight gym, a fitness gym, the room for physiotherapy exercises equipped with video and computer, a skiing lodge.
Sporting activities are carried out in accordance with time schedule of mass sporting events on an academic year which includes year-round Olympics and consists of competitions in 10 sports, massive tournaments in futsal, volleyball, basketball, camping trips, Sportland and other events.
The University’s Student-athletes are involved in all external events from the tournaments of Minsk’ Partyzansky district to the Republican championships in all cultivated species of sport.
The best athletes among students are members of the University’s teams in the following species of sport: tourism, futsal, close fighting and self-defense, athletic gymnastics, taekwondo, basketball, ping-pong.

Student life

The university provides the program of various kinds of student activities. The students’ club is the basis for the work of 11 students’ amateur groups and clubs. Among  them  are:  students’ choir  of  MSLU “Cantus  Juventae”,  female  ensemble  of  the  choir, dance theatre “Renaissance dance”, studio of a variety vocal, vocal studio “Folk-modern”, student’s drama theatre “М.АRТ”, the French theatre, studio of a photo, video-art, students’ producer group, a KVN team of the MSLU “V.I.P.”, intellectual games club “What? Where? When?”.
The University has an assembly hall for 670 seats, equipped with modern sound and light equipment, facilities for rehearsals of amateur collectives.
The Students’ club traditionally initiates a number of events such as: initiation of freshmen; the European day of languages; annual festival of KVN teams of the MSLU, devoted to the World day of youth; the mass cultural action “Creative youth against AIDS”; art fes-tival of foreign students “Inter-art”; activities devoted to Day of the Homeland Defender and Day of Women; “Frankophoniya” cultural event; Spanish culture party “Spanish cafe”; graduation parties for different faculties etc.


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