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Polotsk State University

Polotsk State University

29 Blokhin Street
211440, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk region
Tel.: +375214532383
Fax: +375214534263
E-mail: post@psu.by
Web: www.psu.by

 Academic Departments

The university incorporates 10 faculties:

  •   Faculty of Civil ad Industrial Engineering
  •   Faculty of Economics and Finance
  •   Faculty of Engineering and Chemical Technology
  •   Faculty of Geodesy
  •   Faculty of History and Philology
  •   Faculty of Information Technologies
  •   Faculty of Law
  •   Faculty of Machine Building
  •   Faculty of Radio Engineering
  •   Faculty of Sport and Pedagogy

There  are  functioning  Institution  of  Advanced Training for Administrative Officers, Design Institute of  Construction  and  Reconstruction,  Research  and Testing Centre, Scientific Research Laboratories.


Pototsk Land is the cradle of the Belarusian State and one of the sources of formation of national culture, enlightenment, art and science. The beginning of university education in Belarus dates back to 16th century, when Polotsk Jesuit Collegium was founded by the Polish King Stephan Batory in 1581. On January 12th, 1812, the Russian Emperor Alexander I decreed the transformation of the Collegium into Polotsk Jesuit Academy. Traditions of high culture and aspirations for education born and firmly established in ancient Polotsk are being developed through the activity of present Polotsk State University which was known as Novopolotsk Polytechnic till 1993.


The total number of students — 12040 (including 16 from Russian Federaion). 161 — foreign students.

Tuition fees (per year)

Preporatory studies — from $1000. 

Level 1 — from $1600.

Level 2 — from $3000.

PhD — from $4800.

Campus Information

The University offers to its students four comfortable dormitories which accommodate approximately

200 people. There are few single twin rooms (where two students share the conveniences). As a rule students live in rooms for four people, sharing conveniences with other students living on the same floor. The cost of accommodation is reasonable and does not exceed $5.


Sports Facilities

At the University there are extensive opportunities for sport and recreation, supported by a team of staff who provide activities to suit all ability levels at the University’s sports centres. There is a Sports Club, groups of sport perfection in basketball (men), volleyball (women), aerobics, track and field athletics, weight lifting and skiing. There also exist 32 sport sections to suit students’ interests such as volleyball, unarmed self-defence, karate, table tennis, gymnastics, tourism, arm wrestling, aerobics, general physical training, etc. Students can also have a chance to attend sport clubs in the two cities — Polotsk and Novopolotsk.

Every year the Sport Club together with the Department of Physical Education and Sport organizes University Sport Competitions among the faculties in 15 kinds of sport. These sport events are very popular with the staff and students.

University teams in different kinds of sport annually participate in the national students’ competitions where they have become prize-winners and not once in the history of the University. The greatest success has been achieved in skiing, track and field athletics, chess, orienteering, judo, basketball and volleyball. Among graduates and students there are Olympic Games and World champions, World’s Student Games champions.


The University has at its disposal several sports grounds, sports gyms and a ski lodge. All these are supplied with modern sports equipment.

Student Life

Students have their own organisation — Student Centre which is run by students and for their own needs. This is the place where students can meet and talk, design special interests events, and give support to all those who need that. The Student Centre runs its own newspaper called NASTEZH and Students Tele- vision named KONSPECT. The popularity of the students’ media in PSU cannot be doubted. This is where talent, creativity and ingenuity, meet and give a complete splash-out to the energy and personality potential of students.

The student-friendly and useful counselling servic- es provided at the Centre are of great respect and trust since the advice obtained there is given by a peer who you meet every now and then.

There exists also the Students’ club at Polotsk State University. The students’ theatre ART is associated with the Students’ Club. Though amateur by character the theatre is professional in acting. It is renowned for its performances. In January 2010 it got an award and was officially titled “the best and most popular amateur theatre” in the country.

The Club is also a centre for intellectual games and intellectual performances known in the region and in the country as KVN.

The Club traditionally arranges Faculty celebrations which take place on the regular basis.

The Club arranges theatre performances, intellectual games and performances, celebrations, concerts, discos, which make students’ life at the University vivid and exciting.

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